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Criptomonedas: the evolution of the currency and an opportunity for revenue and profits Since a few years the criptomonedas have been extended, this "thing" was and has been a source of debate between people who support and which are not in favour of it. Now,

if you got to this publication wondering what is a cryptocurrency? can answer simple question, until very recently United States defined a cryptocurrency as an object and not as a currency, on the other hand the cryptocurrency is a digital medium of Exchange (Herrera, 2015), i.e. a digital way to get products or services, if you are not all clear the definition you can think of it as money , but rather than be physical is virtual, it is almost the same as when you go to a cashier of a Bank and says how much money have in your account, you have virtually "X" amount, however that number does not exist in reality, therefore you do not have anything physical that supports that number until the cashier gives you the money and that's when it becomes physical money. Now, as in the "real" world, there are different types of currency in the virtual world, just as there are features true with different names and different coins also they exist in the criptomonedas. Example of this are the euros, dollars and pesos, for the criptomonedas there are several such as doges, bitcoins, litecoins, darkcoins etc. Arriving at this you could have many doubts about the criptomonedas, for example: is there a bank or institution that regulate it? to that question would be more appropriate to divide it in two, first, there are "banks" to store and maintain your coins, these species of banks are also purses called, this is where you can have virtual money in the currency you selected saved. Answering on the other hand if you are regulated by any institution the resounding response is not. This last was one of the emblematic factors so many people, companies and Governments are at odds with the use of the criptomonedas, because there is no way of knowing where and where are the criptomonedas, being this feature one of the best for illegal business, however is for me a way of creating society rejection by the cryptocurrency because large companies banks and Governments they should not do not have the power to these currency; the real money, as the virtual can be used for any purpose whether it is good or bad, this is to say that money is neither good nor bad, just is. It depends on the user give you the sense of ethics to the use of the object. Image obtained from https:goo.glolxf0J ATM for sale and change of Bitcoins. Image obtained from https:goo.glolxf0J It should be noted that although many people are disagreeing with the use of the criptomonedas already exist in some countries - as in Spain - cashiers to change currencies of bitcoins (the type most commonly used cryptocurrency) to euro as tangible cash. In the same way you can buy there same bitcoins. What can I do with the criptomonedas? You can buy online at places like ebay - some users already accept payments by bitcoins- Nobody monitors your criptomonedas You can have your purse on your pc, or smartphone While there are some risks also there are benefits, some authors have described the criptomonedas as the money of the future, where there will be no banks as such, and supposedly will improve the safety of their currencies. This question is almost the same that ask that you could do with the money. You can use the money to buy any thing or service, always and when that possess the object or the service is agreed with receiving money for it. The same goes for the criptomonedas, there are already many companies that accept the criptomonedas as a method of payment, and it is that having this type of payment method has many benefits, to name a few: Gives the business or company a plus in its prestige (not any criptomonedas accepted) Saving tax payments It is safer than owning physical currency (although it should be say that no system is perfect, the possibility of hacking wallet, and if not it can be traced to where it was and a complaint can not be raised, it is very difficult to know who are the owners of the money that is handled because there is who regulates this) Transactions are very quick, in a matter of minutes - sometimes seconds - the money is reflected in your purse. Acquisition of criptomonedas Now that you know which are the criptomonedas perhaps some might interest you, the most popular is the bitcoin, which apparently was the first created there by 2009, but here is where the situation becomes interesting since many authors are not in agreement, it is more could venture to say that no one truly knows who think the bitcoin system. Mentions Th

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